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Criminal Defense Lawyers Arizona

The attorneys at Shell & Nermyr have dedicated their careers to defending people prosecuted by the government. When you retain the services of the Law Firm of Shell & Nermyr, you will be represented by either Chad Shell or Mark Nermyr with their 32 years of criminal defense experience. Your life will not be in the hands of an inexperienced associate attorney or paralegal.

Check Out Our Record, No Other Firm Can Compare

Shell & Nermyr have won or obtained dismissals of every type of case from murder to speeding tickets.

The following is just a sample of some of Shell & Nermyr’s results.

Any firm can list the criminal charges. Shell & Nermyr can beat the charges.

Not Guilty – Murder
Not Guilty – Sexual Abuse
Not Guilty – Kidnapping
Not Guilty – DUI
Not Guilty – Extreme DUI
Not Guilty – Aggravated DUI
Not Guilty – Aggravated Assault with Gun
Not Guilty – Agg. Assault of Police Officer
Not Guilty – Resisting Arrest
Not Guilty – Theft
Not Guilty – Theft of Vehicle
Not Guilty – Burglary
Not Guilty – Residential Burglary
Not Guilty – Possession of Drugs
Not Guilty – Elderly Abuse
Not Guilty – Child Abuse
Not Guilty – Aggravated Assault
Not Guilty – Sexual Assault
Not Guilty – False Reporting Bomb Threat
Not Guilty – Prostitution
Not Guilty – Aggravated Assault with a knife
Not Guilty – Possession of Drugs
Not Guilty – Dangerous Crimes against Children
Not Guilty – Criminal Damage (DV)
Not Guilty – Disorderly Conduct (DV)
Not Guilty – Violating Order of Protection
Not Guilty – Violating Inj. against Harassment
Not Guilty - 10+ Aggravated Assaults
Dismissed– Child Abuse
Dismissed – Murder
Dismissed – Sexual Assault
Dismissed – DUI
Dismissed – Extreme DUI
Dismissed – Aggravated DUI
Dismissed – Aggravated Assault with Gun
Dismissed – Disorderly Conduct (DV)
Dismissed – Fraud
Dismissed – Theft
Dismissed – Assault
Dismissed – Domestic Violence 100+ Cases
Dismissed – Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
Dismissed – Injunction Against Harassment
Dismissed – Driving on Suspended License
Dismissed – Criminal Speeding
Dismissed – Sexual Conduct with a Minor
Dismissed – Shoplifting
Dismissed – Prostitution / Solicitation
Dismissed – Theft from Employer
Dismissed – Possession drug paraphernalia
Dismissed – Involving a Child in Drug Activity
Dismissed – Dangerous Crimes against Children
Dismissed – Drugs for Sale
Dismissed – Possession of Drugs
Dismissed – Criminal Damage (DV)
Dismissed – Forgery
Dismissed - Kidnapping
Past results are not a guarantee of future success. Every case is factually and legally unique.